Nov 19, 2002
First of all I'm new to CPanel and WHM, but I'm quite dissapointed with WHM as I've found at least 2 bugs in just a few hours.

I added an account with a dedicated IP, later realized that I really want to host more accounts in that IP address so started looking for a way to change from dedicated to shared IP. But there isn't such a thing. So I just changed the site's IP address to the main shared IP. Then, after setting that IP as &not reserved&, tried to change the site's IP address back to the original one, but it isn't possible. So I've to manually edit it's DNS zone file, httpd.conf, etc.

I also tried to add a new shared IP account using the same IP but it's not in the drop down list so I added this new account to the main sahred IP and manually edited all necesary configuration files. The IP wasn't reserved, so why doesn't WHM give the option to use this IP when adding new accounts?

Looks like WHM does not update some of it's config files, so it doesn't &remember& any modification done to account IPs.

I'm just testing, so I will probably delete all accounts, domains, zones, etc. and start again. Anyway, I would really appreciate if someone tells me which files does WHM use as config files. It is safe to modify these files?

Looks like WHM regularly updates the following files or directories:


Thank you