WHM reports Wordpress 2.7.1 is available, but when I upgrade it can't be found


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Jun 10, 2005
I have been keeping my Wordpress scripts up to date on all of my accounts.

They are currently at 2.7.

I noticed last night that they 2.7.1 has already been downloaded by UPCP.
If I go to WHM and then Install CPAddons, it shows that 2.7.1 is there, but when I choose Manage CPAddons and show all software that needs to be upgraded, it shows a green check mark and shows that all Wordpress installs (2.7) are up to date for all accounts.

Then today I received an email to the root that says:
Software Security Notice - Script Installs need upgrading
Hello root,

In order to protect the security of your users' website, we recommend that you upgrade the following scripts that were installed via the "Scripts Library" in your cPanel interface:

- WordPress.0 v2.7
Location: at http://userdomainname.com/
Latest: v2.7.1
Upgrade here: https://userdomainname.com:2083/fro...orkinginstall=cPanel::Blogs::WordPress.0.yaml

When I click the link, I see that the update cannot be found.

I'm trying to force update of all CPAddons, but other than that, any ideas?