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Apr 28, 2003
I am trying to get WHM setup to be as safe as possible.

I do not want to allow resellers to be able to oversell so this
is what I have done in the setup. Any advice would be appreciated.

Limit Accounts By Resources Usage= on
Then I set the amounts in the provided space.

These are what I dissallowed
Create Package with Unlimited Diskspace=off
Account Modification=off
All Features=off
Create Packages with Shell Access=off
Create Packages with dedicated IP=off
Bandwidth Limiting=off
Delete Domains=off
Edit DNS Zones=off
Edit MX Entries=off
Quota Modification=off
Rearange Accounts=off
Reset Shopping Cart=off
Restart Services=off
Resync FTP Password=off
Turn Account into Demo Account=off

I have been using Cpanel and WHM for awhile, but I had no idea
that it would be this ilogical to set up reseller accounts, please do not take this the wrong way, I chose to go with Cpanel because of the added features, and the availabel skins, and fantastico auto installer, but it does seem that this could really be simplified
and still have the functionality. I have read through the forums
here and over at rackshack, and everbody seems to have there
own way to setup WHM, to prevent resellers from overselling
more than they are allowed, or doing something stupid like
deleting there own account. Any thing else that I should do,
or Is there going to be any major drawbacks to the way that
I have this configured.

Thanks, all advice is truly appreciatd.


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