WHM restore account feature: Why does it act this way?


Jan 10, 2011
The restore feature caused some major problems for me. I was upgrading a Joomla component (2.3 to 2.4) and something failed, so I used WHM's restore feature to restore the account to yesterday.

The database and files were correctly restored. But I started noticing vague issues here and there.

I finally discovered WHM did not truly restore the account, it just threw the backup files over the current files.

Which means new files created after the backup were left there. And the Joomla component was thinking it was version 2.4 while it was really 2.3, because one of the files created today made the component indicate it is 2.4.

If I am to restore an account, shouldn't it actually restore it to the state it was in? Is there a setting I can change to accomplish this?

This was extremely frustrating to experience on a live site. :(