Whm security, access to server or DNS configuration problem


Jan 6, 2014
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Hello, I need same help.

I have a VPS in Godaddy

Every day I have the following problem, I access my WHM panel and the login is performed but some time later I'll try to login again and I can't

It seems my ip or my user was blocked by WHM

What amazes me is that when this happens I run a tracert in windows cmd for my main domain, and the last jump it return a another domain from my vps

I am sending you attached the image of my tracert

In attached file I execute the tracert to my main domain: tracert domain.com.br
The tracert runs but the last two lines it returns:
ip [208.109.xxx.xxx]

I do not know if this problem is a safety latch or linux or cpanel or is something wrong on the server/dns configuration

May someone help me?

Thank you.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I suggest checking to see if the "root" user was blocked by cPHulk brute force detection. As for the traceroute, you should focus on the IP address returned and configure RDNS for that IP address.

Thank you.