WHM Server Unplanned IP address change - Emergency!


Jun 8, 2011
Do to an emergency, we had to phsically relocate our server to a new provider and the IP address we had is no longer valid - so now the server has become inaccessable.

The origional IP address is no longer valid so the server has no access to the internet, and although I've registered the new IP address with cPanel for a temp license until i get it back on line it will work because the server still has the OLD ip address and I don't know where to change the IP address for the server manually. We are running CENTOS. When I look at the ifcfg-eth0 or 1 files, they both say DHCP which is not correct.

things to remember - I cannot access the WHM web page it says it's invalid so changing there is impossible.

Any help would be appreciated.

running: WHM 11.30.0 (build 27)



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Oct 2, 2010
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The /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file would normally be the primary static frontend IP. You can review the following discussion on what the contents should show for a static IP:

How to configure a static ip in Linux

Upon changing the file to represent the correct values for the IP, you could restart the network:

/etc/init.d/network restart
If this works, you should then be able to run "ifconfig" and see the correct IP listed. If it doesn't work, the server will possibly become unreachable, so hopefully you have physical access to it. If you do not, have someone who does perform this change.

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Aug 28, 2008
Did you get your server IP successfully changed? We are wanting to move our server to a new circuit, and the IP would change. What all do you have to modify? The things I can think of are:

Main IP
Name Server IP
DNS for all accounts

Am I missing anything? I wonder how long of an outage we would have, to make these changes. Of course, we are wanting to schedule it at night, but am afraid the DNS stuff would leave sites down for several days. Has anyone done this successfully?



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Apr 11, 2011
Of course, we are wanting to schedule it at night, but am afraid the DNS stuff would leave sites down for several days.
Consider reducing the Minimum TTL value in the DNS Zones a couple of days before changing IP addresses. 3600 would be a reasonable value, and should help reduce the time it takes the changes to propagate. You can increase the values back to the default entires after your customers report that everything is working normally.

Thank you.