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WHM setup for dedicated server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eskimoroll, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. eskimoroll

    eskimoroll Registered

    Mar 11, 2011
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    Hello all, first time poster and new to WHM/CPanel.

    I was hoping I could find a guide to some higher-level configuration options when managing a dedicated server through WHM and CPanel. What I mean is that I would appreciate some advice in how to setup the different accounts along with their respective IP's and DNS zones. I don't need the details, there are tons of howto's around, but rather the higher level approach.

    For instance, how would someone with experience setup a dedicated server for my scenario:

    • A small website-building company ( will be building and hosting up to 200 small websites for future clients.
    • The dedicated server has 6 available IP's and is running Linux/WHM/CPanel.
    • will also have it's own corporate site
    • The setup is using it's own nameservers (already registered)
    • My clients will not need ftp

    1) I'm creating all websites under one CPanel account (installling joomla for each client), is this a good idea?
    2) How should I set up my DNS zones? (I realize there is no right or wrong answer...)
    3) Can I use the same IP for ALL my 200 clients?
    4) What is the difference between my main IP and the 5 others my data center gave me?

    Note: We will not be giving our clients access to CPanel accounts, only to Joomla admin consoles.

    Any advice or link to a guide would be appreciated!
  2. happycheese

    happycheese Registered

    Mar 15, 2011
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    There are some disadvantages to managing all your clients under one cPanel. Mainly the fact that you won't be able to assign them individual IP addresses. It may not matter, it's just the biggest difference to me. For you, it will certainly be easier to manage 200 site's under one cPanel rather than separate one's for each clients domain. Your clients will not have any problems accessing Joomla and so forth. I've been using Joomla for many years with several examples where I give clients admin access to the back end and I can't think of any major security issues. Just remember they can upload custom scripts (extensions, modules, components) that can gain access to cPanels Public folders. I've never set clients up on the same VPS or anything like that, security is just the first thing to think about if you're going to.

    Depending how you decide to manage your IP's it may be different but I would create zones for: (IP#1) (IP#2) (IP#3) (IP#4) <---This is your corporate website with it's own cPanel and Login
    ...and all client have there own records under the same IP (IP#5)

    Yes. If your corporate site is under the same cPanel as your clients, you'll also be sharing the same IP.

    Your main IP will be assigned to your server on the rack. If you are going to have your own private nameservers you're going to need at least 2 more for that. You can assign ONE to the cPanel account you're planning to create or reuse the main IP. Your personal corporate domain could also have it's own IP if it has it's own cPanel account.
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