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Mar 23, 2002
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Knowing that WHM displays Web space in KB [ using /scripts2/listaccts ], has anyone had problems setting up packages/accounts with GB's of Web space to show properly?

In trying to setup for using 10 GB, WHM kicks back 0104857, and shows as 102 MB in Quota Modification; which won't change it correctly either. I do believe this problem was created when I used & /scripts/fixquotas & and even though I have since used it again and also & /scripts/resetquotas & it still won't jive.

Funny though, how in shell it shows correctly: 10240 MB and in the individual's Cpanel also??? Only WHM displays incorrectly. I'm thinking that since WHM displays KB instead of MB the number (being 8 digits) might be too big (10240000 KB as opposed to 10240 MB) -- I dunno.

Anyone else have this type problem or found using & /scripts/fixquotas & screwed things up? Which, BTW, I have submitted as a BUG and is still being worked on. Just wanted to get some feedback from everyone else.

Edit: Just wanted to point out that if I limit Resellers by Web Space & Data Transfer, they end up in the negative which is not right.

Resource ...... Max Allowed ........ Used .. Remaining
Disk Space . 10240 Megabytes .. 10980 .... -740
Bandwidth .. 51200 Megabytes .. 63375 . -12175