WHM su/sudo with new transfer tool


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Oct 18, 2003
Atlanta, GA
I'm trying to use the Transfer Tool to migrate to a new server but I keep getting this error. Old server is running WHM 11.46.3 and the news server 11.50.0

The remote basic credential check failed due to an error (The system failed to escalate privileges to root on “” with “sudo” or “su” because of an error: Failed to escalate to root) and response: Connecting to as devAdmin...using method password...Connection Success

Waiting for login prompt ....Done waiting for login prompt.
Normalizing user level shell... Done normalizing shell.
Attempting to obtain root using method "su w/root pass"
Sending password for su w/root pass...
Resetting Terminal....Done.
Attempting to obtain root using method "sudo w/wheel pass"

Failed to escalate to root using “sudo” and “su”: The command “echo reset” didn’t seem to finish within 150 seconds because of an error: “1:TIMEOUT”! Captured shell output was: {},{[]} [shell setup]


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Could you clarify which authentication method you are selecting for the transfer? Have you verified SSH access from the destination server to the source server works manually using the same method you have selected?

Thank you.