WHM Subdomain to point to CPanel Account


Feb 26, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
WHM Version: 11.34.1

Scenario: A client runs a dedicated ubuntu webserver (that hasn't been updated in the past several years) as a production web server. This is where their current production website resides. They also have multiple subsites strewns out across the internet cosmos (godaddy, aplus, and a few other locations.)

Idea: Take all these numerous product subsites and save money and time by managing them from CPanel on the same server.

So far: The client has setup a CPanel server, but does not wish to move off the production until they have Q&A'ed sections of the new website. http://ip-address/~username works fine, but we using modx to run multiple subdomains to an account.

The client has pointed several subdomains to the CPanel server (using ip address). When these subdomains are visited in a browser, it now displays: http://ip-address/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi instead of http://ip-address/~username (just want the subdomain to point at the account home.)

Question: How or where can the subdomain be mapped to the cpanel account, so that CPanel can load the correct subdomain when the url is entered?

Internal IP Address of the site is 10.x.x.x (Shared hosting type). I have access to WHM and the CPanel for the account, but not feel wholly comfortable SSH and doing c-line edits on the client's dev server (future production server).

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.