WHM too slow with more then 700-1000 accounts !!!



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On any server with more then 700-1000 accounts, all WHM accounts related features works _too slow_ and server load is terrible high. That happens probably because of not optimized algorithms of accounts text datafiles parsing (WHM still doesn't use any database).
So - even on the 2xPIII-1GHz with UW SCSI disks list accounts works up to 5-10 minutes (!!!) and server load is too high.

Are any workarounds exists ? (except taking off the list acocunts feature, anyway - create/remove account works too slow as well :(((

I think it is very serious bug. And I'm sure I'm not the 1st person who tells about this terrible _bug_.

It would be great to hear CPanel/WHM development team response about the plans & estimated time for this thing fix.
The probable answer &please, submit the ticket& is not Ok - I had submited ticket about other problem several weeks ago, and it is still unanaswered at all.

Thank You

Wow, those are alot of account!


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We have over 1800 accounts on our Quad-P4 2.0 Ghz Xeon Server... With mucho disk space, and all SCSI/Raid5 equipment.

I commented out calls in /scripts/wwwacct to /scripts/updateuserdomains & /scripts/updateuserips (and put that in a nightly cron) and commented out call to /scripts/rebuildippool because we use a constant set of shared IP addresses for hosting our customers.

Don't forget to lock your wwwacct to prevent it from being overwritten with the next cpanel update you accept (we're on manual updates only). What we do when we wish to update is unlock & backup 'wwwacct', update cpanel, review changes, accept the ones we want, and lock wwwacct again.

lock file with: chattr +i /scripts/wwwacct
unlock file with: chattr -i /scripts/wwwacct

With these changes, it takes about 30 seconds to add or remove an account (we made similar changes to /scripts/killacct), and it takes about 15 seconds for List Accounts to pull up the 1800-something accounts list....

Oh, and our httpd.conf is nearly 2 MB!

Hope this helps! :)