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Dec 17, 2001
Hi all,
I have a strange problem, partially explained in a post in "CPanel" because I thought it was a cpanel issue at first. I noticed that yesterday, probably during some sort of update, all the parked domains moved, in each /var/cpanel/users/xxx file, from the DNS section to XDNS, causing two mail issues:

1) The domains cannot be chosen in the email manager cpanel page
2) Email do not work for those domains

I fixed the issue opening manually the files and moving the parked domains back to DNS but I'd like to understand why, out of the blue, those domains have been moved.

There is another problem I noticed... I have a very old account (I think it was setup when I was still running CPanel 5 or something) that, every time I run "updateusersdomains", gets removed from /etc/localdomains, making his email not work.

My server runs WHM 11.23.2/Cpanel 11.23.7-E27902

Thanks in advance