WHM Verry urgent problem help please


Feb 25, 2013
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Root Administrator
We have on our server system, WHM / Cpanel. for a long time to grapple
be a problem. We added reseller account and try to assign to these accounts
Resellers our templates with the system installation for the customer. I will describe how we operate:

1) We have created 3 accounts marketplace:
- Start.mydomian.com (reseller account: start)
- Optimal.mydomian.com (reseller account: optimal)
- Professional.mydomina.com (reseller account: professional)
to each of these accounts, namely skeleton created (folder reseller account) for
- start.mydomian.com
"/ home/start/cpanel3-skel" and when that did not work
"/ home/start/cpanel3-skel/public_html"
- optimal.mydomian.com
"/ home/optimal/cpanel3-skel" and when that did not work
"/ home/optimal/cpanel3-skel/public_html"
- professional.mydomina.com
"/ home/professional/cpanel3-skel" and when that did not work
"/ home/professional/cpanel3-skel/public_html"

2) We have uploaded our system his cms files to these folders via ftp manager
CMS to illustrate the structure looks like this:
/ admin
/ data
/ editor_images
/ inc
/ modules
/ tiny_mce
. htaccess

3) The sale of our products, we use WHMCS system running
combined, these three account reseller (start, optimal, professional). We carried out tests
system and noticed that the skeleton defined above, is not installed on the new
generated customer account. is to a page with a defined page
in WHM-> Account Functions -> Web Template Editor
I can ask for assistance with this function