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Oct 22, 2010
Hello, a question regarding VirtFS (VirtFS (Jailed Shell))

Warning: If you run the rm command on any file or directory within the /home/virtfs directory that is still mounted, you will also delete all of the files stored in the directory to which it is mounted
so if i delete some files from virtfs directory it will delete files in /home
if i delete fles in cpanel ccounts (in /home/) it will auto delete files in /home/virtfs ?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You should never directly remove files in the /home/virfs directory. Instead, follow the instructions in the document if you need it disabled or removed. Note: The document you referenced is from our old documentation system. The updated URL is:

VirtFS (Jailed Shell)

A bind mount is a transparent link between two places on the file system. For example, if a user views the contents of /home/virtfs/username/usr/bin, the user actually sees the contents of /usr/bin. Thus, the /home/virtfs/$user directory itself is not actually using up any additional space than already exists. Data is not actually duplicated.

Thank you.