WHMSonic AutoDJ problem Stream Name does not change!


Sep 19, 2012
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Root Administrator
Hello everyone, let me first start out I am using:
WHM 11.32.4 (build 15) CENTOS 6.2 x86_64 standard
WHMSonic (Shoutcast Admin Pro) Version??? I am not sure where to find this please bare with me.

The Problem is when I set up an Auto Dj in WHMSonic (Fill out Stream Title Website and etc) This works fine.However when I use the new feature for DJ Management. I add usernames and passwords and the random ports. This also works.

However the Stream Title wether or not using AutoDJ or live DJ stays at Auto DJ. What I want is when a DJ connects the Stream title to show the name of the current DJ instead of Auto DJ. Please help.

Also When I connect to the server directly (with AutoDJ off) the Stream Title shows my DJ name.

Software in use for Encoding is:

Virtual DJ Pro
SAM Broadcaster Pro 4.9.4

Both Encoding software uses MP3 encoders at 128Kbps and 44100Hz sample rate. My server can support up to 256Kbps streams and 600 listeners!

If you need to move this thread, please move the thread to a more appropriate location. Thank you very very much!