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Jul 28, 2003
To ensure that the latest version of a 3rd party software/script is installed from cPanel?

Example: AgoraCart has 2 more recent versions available at their website than the one installed by my cPanel.

Also the cPanel spiel abou AgoraCart lists the support url as agoracgi.com - which is incorrect.

The version I just installed was written in 2001. Useful features (albiet minor) have been included in more recent versions.

Who sets this up?
Server admin OR cPanel?

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Jul 22, 2003
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actually there have been major revamps to the cart. Not minor. and it's 13 or so versions since the cpanel integration. we have two more coming out, mySQL and an enhanced version over what the 4.0K series did for cart.

I've talked to cpanel folks about the upgrade to a new version and also had hosts try to get it resolved, but it appears that we keep taking a back seat to some other probs. I'd create a tarball or whatever is needed for the installs, but I was informed it was in the core of cpanel and that they'd have to perform the processes needed to upgrade the cpanel install versions.

official site is also at AgoraCart.com and also contains a bit of documentation, but portions still under construction, but better than what we had 9 months ago (virtually nill).

anyway, hope that helps a little, despite not being able to take responsibility:)

Mister Ed

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