why accounts aren't being limited?


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May 7, 2012
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Hello everyone,
I have a server operating with cloudlinux. I have noticed many times that load goes 50+ and quite a few accounts using up 60%+ resources (according to "top"). My confusion, isn't its cloudlinux's primary job to stop the accounts that are abusing and over-using the resources?

What can I do and check?


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Please, contact helpdesk.cloudlinux.com -- it is really hard to say what is going on without knowing exactly what you are talking about.
For example:
top does't show usage of accounts, only of processes
By resources, I presume you mean CPU. If you are talking about top showing processes using more than 60% cpu, you have to remember that CPU limits are for all the cores, while top by default shows CPU usage per processor (so, divide this 60% by the number of cores you have)

And regarding load average -- we need more data, much more data. Hence, please, contact our support.