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Oct 4, 2006
I came in today and see at least 10 of my postings being deleted or gone MIA. Was there a data reversal or this forum is haunted?

1. I posted about CP11 being not working on our servers, that is a FACT. [DELETED]
2. I posted among other threads with issues pertaining to OTHER'S VPS, nothing mentioned of CP11.[DELETED]
3. I posted offers.[DELETED]

WHY are the posting deleted? Anything to hide or against Forum Rules?

Its a FACT that I am not in favour of CP11 because it creates more problem than its solving and thats only in 2 threads, among others users. Whats wrong with that?

Any mods care to explain or did I miss anything under Rules of this Forum that says I can only sing praises for Cpanel and cannot offer any feedback thats adverse?

If you need proof of the postings being deleted, I wont mind wasting a few minutes of my time providing you the URL to the affected threads, among which one is here.

See how the other user was quoting my reply and my actual reply not being in the thread?

What happened to the Freedom of Speech and CPANEL welcomes feedback for the better and continued growth of the product?

Mind you, CPANEL IS ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE CONTROL PANEL offered today and since we are paying users, its only right that we expect some if not all functionality in the products we are paying for.

So if Cp 11 is missing something, its logical then that we should highlight this instead of sweeping it under the carpet, dont you agree?
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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
You need to contact cPanel directly for information about posts or threads that may have been removed. I've no idea personally why, but simply creating a thread asking isn't going to get a response.
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