Why do Cpanel as a company make it so hard to do accounting


Feb 6, 2010

I have a question. Why is it so hard for Cpanel, to help "us" literal everybody of its customers, to do proper accounting.

Cpanel does not send the PDF together with the "paid" email. Cpanel does not offer any "easy download" of the pdfs, you spend around 12 clicks to get 1 single invoice, and you must name them yourself....

Even, if you contact the support asking for the invoices for a full year, their response is "We dont do this"....

How come such a big company as Cpanel, have this horrible way of providing invoices that forces us each and every month to go and fetch the invoices manually. You are the single company of all my providers, that dont care. Jetbackup, Also, Cloudlinux, and more, they all provide an invoice with the email, that is easily forwardable to our accounting system, and if you ask them, they will gladly give you all invoices for a full year in a zip.

Why do you aboslutely have to make it this cumbersome for us to do accounting ?? How many years ago was the first feature request for this created, because i know it exists.. Its really not that hard to attach the invoice to the email when its auto paid via card....

//Rant over.....
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