Why does EasyApache4 block Nginx installation using yum & official Nginx repos?


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Jul 4, 2007
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Simple question.

CentOS 6.x, EasyApache 4.

Try installing Nginx from its official repos.

That's a no go.

I get presented with a conflict message regarding Nginx and EasyApache's httpd package.

Is this intentional cPanel folks?

Why on earth would a yum package, unless it's the same software as EasyApache's (e.g httpd), ever conflict with EasyApache 4?
It's a little bit tricky but also can be done that way:
Create a repo,
get SRPM of nginx.
Edit .spec file, make "provides webserver" something else, like "provides reverse-proxy".
rebuild rpm.
Distribute it from your own repo.

It's just one line edit change, so it can be done automatically with a script. Easy for updates.

Caveats: You have to create your own repo and maintain it.
Another solution:
This could be integrated into script, but servers need "Development Tools" to use rpmbuild to build the new package, then install it.


Oct 10, 2010
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@glenn0 It's best to follow progress on Engintron's GitHub repo...

Start here: github.com/engintron/engintron/issues/88#issuecomment-205499495
Still not support for EA4? · Issue #88 · engintron/engintron

This should get Engintron installed with EA4. Working to fix a couple of installation glitches and then v1.7.0 will be released with full EA4 support.

My thanks to the cPanel team & @cPJacob for providing me with dev licenses to properly test Engintron's installer on vanilla CentOS setups :)
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