Why does EXIM have so many problems?


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Aug 18, 2001

Why didn\'t the CPANEL developers use something like Qmail??
EXIM has so many problems...

For every 100 emails I sent out, about 10 will not get to the intended user.
I have NO idea why this is so. The mail doesn\'t bounce back and it reports NO errors.

Users on my system have been reporting the same thing.. They send email to their workers, friends
and sometimes a few does NOT get through...

HOWEVER, Sendmail works 100% of the time.

I have a system setup where users can signup and get their invoice sent out using sendmail immediately.
Afterwards I would process their account and then send the details using Outlook which goes through EXIM..

I always notice that users started complaining why they received their invoice but NEVER their account details..
All I can say is that EXIM probably never sent it or screwed up!!!

So my question is.. Does EXIM have some sort of FILTERING system which stops some mail being sent or is there something wrong
with my versionf of EXIM? or is EXIM just crap.

Sorry, but EXIM is driving me crazy!!! I\'ve had 5 orders cancelled so far because users did not receive their account details because of EXIM!!!


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Aug 14, 2001
back woods of NC, USA
I think sendmail calls on a cpanel server actually use Exim in the background.