Why Doesn't CPanel Incorporate Reinstallations?


May 18, 2004
London, United Kingdom
Basically, I left my FTP client to remove a folder which wasn't needed... and when I looked at it in roughly 3-4 mins time it had done exactly that... and carried on DELETING! I've lost some major files in this fcuk-up and I've sent an email off to my host to hopefully reinstall cpanel for me as there doesn't seem to be that option at my end.

Was this deliberatly left out or am I missing something?

I'm just glad that that I managed to save a backup of my forum 2 days prior to this mishap.

Anyone had similar experiences? Or do you agree or disagree with having a 'Reinstall' option in case of accidents like this?

Any replies, much apprciated.



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Aug 12, 2001
All over Europe
You are talking about a forum, it seems that you deleted a website's folder not a system folder. So you don't need to reinstall cpanel. You need to restore the website from a backup file.

In WHM you can setup to have backups of your sites including their mysql databases. This nice feature saved my life over the weekend :D After some years in this business you will be paranoid enough to have cron jobs to copy your backups to at least one, better yet 2 remote servers :)

BTW, you can reinstall cpanel like this:

/scripts/upcp --force

(you have to enter this command in the terminal being logged in as root.)