why doesnt the main email address list subdirectories?


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Mar 6, 2003
chown -R us.*yourbase*
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The thread title is a bit of a misnomer, but here is the situation:

If you configure your email account for the cPanel username instead of a regular full email address, it is a very nice thing for site owners because they then have access to all of the email accounts associated with that cPanel user account.

This means for example, the owner of a company can have access to all of his employee email accounts to monitor the communications of the employees as needed.

The problem:
This method only shows the "employees" inboxes. It does not show their individual trash, sent, and other "employee" created subfolders. I think this is because cPanel does not make the necessary symlinks so that mail programs like Thunderbird, by default, can read these folders.

Is there a script that can be run to generate these symlinks or some setting I need to enable to allow the "boss" to see more than just the "employee" inboxes?