why my site do not open can help


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Mar 25, 2005
Nevada, USA
A quick look at www.dnsreport.com shows this result http://dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=www.6roob.com
A timeout occurred getting the NS records from your nameservers! None of your nameservers responded fast enough. They are probably down or unreachable. I can't continue since your nameservers aren't responding. If you have a Watchguard Firebox, it's due to a bug in their DNS Proxy, which must be disabled (31 Jul 2006 UPDATE: several years after being informed of this, there is a rumor that there is a fix that allows the Watchguard DNS proxy to work).
I am assuming that you are running a cPanel server. I would check and make sure that your DNS server is in fact running and working. You must have root access to the server to check your DNS. If you do not have root access, please contact your server administrator and inform them on this problem. Most likely, this problem is the result of a port that is NOT open on your firewall. If this was working before, have you (or the server administrator) recently changed firewall configurations??


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Mar 5, 2002
Vancouver, Canada
I understand your urgency, but

my site now do not open and i do not why can eny badey help me and told me why the site do not enter
Both your domain's name servers ns1.q8up.com and ns2.q8up.com are off-line. It seems like q8up.com belongs to you as well, so you probably know where to fix things.