Why we need to click "Go back" instead of auto redirect after creating/deleting database, database user, sub-domain etc?


Jan 26, 2020
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No doubt, CPanel is improving its UI and UX day by day. I am using CPanel since 2011 and obviously can feel the difference. But still there are some point that seems to be unnecessary to an end user like me.

After adding a Database or a Database user system redirects us to new page just to display confirmation message. Then we need to click "Go back". Same issue with sub-domain and other.

Now as an end user I do not know the reason behind it. There could be some importance of it. But if not, then is not it better to redirect a user automatically or display the confirmation message on the same page?

Thanks in advance.


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @webdevron

You're referencing this:

This appears after you add a database when you go to cPanel>>Databases>>MySQL Databases and add a db or user this way. Also, this same UI is presented after adding a subdomain.

So for databases, you don't get this screen when you use the database wizard to add the database and the user, but you do have a good point. At the very least, automatic redirection to the page you were on previously would make sense. This would be a great feature request for an improvement. You can open a feature request using the link in my signature. If you do open one for this, please post the link here and I'll make sure the team that would be responsible for this is aware.