Jan 27, 2004
This is a problem that my one of my resellers is having, I've ran fixquotas and that hasnt helped.

When I add a account to my whm, It immediatly starts using 233 meg, however subsequent packages dont, even though cpanel reports it as using less than a meg.
This is a bit strange but I know how to reproduce etc now. With one 'bad' account in place I can create new accounts which are ok. If I delete the bad account the next one I create is then bad, but any further accounts are ok. I deleted the problem account, created a test account (which had the disk space problem), then recreated the original account and restored the files, everything was then ok with the newly created account. So this isn't causing me a major problem for now. I do have an account with nothing in using up 233meg of my disk space allocation though!
I don't know what you can do to resolve this, but it isn't urgent now - I can happily continue to use my account as long as I keep that that dummy test account there, & I have no immediate need for the missing disk space. If you get to the bottom of the problem I'd be interested to know what you do!
Any Ideas anyone ?



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Jul 22, 2003
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I have a client that this just started with as well, except the first account hosting starts out being 662MB used on 900MB.

version is Cpanel 8.5.3-S3 RedHat 8

had tried fixquotas and a about 10 other fix it scripts. restarted cpanel, server, etc... all to no avail.

this server had existing accounts but after checking for updated Cpanel and rebooting, it started acting this way last week. but the first account after whatever impact had happened starts out with a bit of room indicated when it should be 0.

so, temp work around fer the client: setup a bogus first account called and then proceed from there fer new accounts

it ain't pretty but works.

Mister Ed