Jan 18, 2004
Hi guys, i´ll try to be as thourough as possible.

I´ve added another ip to the machine were running here. This for a client that needs ssl.
Now the dns says the domain is here fine. But i cannot access the domain from outside.
Nor the ipaddress. Not even ftp seems to be running.
So my guess is, the virtual server has not added the ipaddress. But ive tried to add and remove the ipaddress. Still problem remains.

This is what /etc says when searching for the ip, it seems to be added in all files necessary?

[email protected] [/etc]# grep x.x.188.158 *
domainips:x.x.188.158: xxx.no
hosts:x.x.188.158 www.x.no

Appreciate all the help i can get. Been in touch with suppliers of everything now.. Packets gets sent to the machine, but machine does not respond. Ip is added in :
So it cannot be firewall issue.

What should i do?

Best regards,

Daniel Eriksson
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