Sep 19, 2010
I just set up cPanel/WHM for the first time today, and while I'm already missing doing everything by hand, my clients will need this so I'm pushing forward.

I set up a domain earlier, and when I tried to add a sub-domain through the cPanel interface for the domain it was failing to resolve. I checked the DNS Zone for the domain and it there was an A record added for it, but nevertheless it wasn't working. The other A records added by the template (cpanel, www, etc) all resolved just fine.

The new subdomain only started working after adding a wildcard entry to the zone. I'm no expert with DNS, but every other DNS system I've worked with there has always been a blank or @ record for the primary IP. Should I add one of these, or the wildcard to the template to ensure this doesn't occur again?

Also is there something I can edit to stop it from creating www.subdomain a records? When a subdomain is added, I just want the subdomain, not www.subdomain as well.

Thanks in advance!