Feb 21, 2008
I'm on a VPS.
I have a domain, and need to park other domains via wildcard: *

I already park domains explicitly (e.g. ) via WHM but now I'll need to park many more and managing them is getting unwieldy.

1) I already have my 3rd-party DNS set up to use the wildcard.
2) I have the wildcard working on my local machine via an Apache VirtualHost directive: " ServerAlias * "
3) WHM and CPanel both don't accept domains with asterisks in the "Parking" pages
4) Explicitly setting non-wildcard domains in WHM works fine.

This Cpanel staff member mentions you can use Cpanel, but the " * " is not accepted:

Other posts mention editing Apache's .conf files but they may be overwritten by WHM/Cpanel.

So what is the solution?

Thanks for your time.