WIldcard SSL installation issues for sub domains on same shared IP.


Oct 19, 2012
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Hello everybody, thank you for taking your time to read my query.

I need to get SSL working for subdomains. The domain and the sub domains are on the same IP address and we don’t have separate cpanel for sub domains (we have a dedicated IP for the domain though). We have a wildcard certificate and are on a linux VPS with CPanel and WHM. Server tech support installed the SSL but its not working for the sub domains. At present HTTPS on subdomains is serving the content from the main domains. Looking at the httpd.conf I can see there is no virtualhost entry for subdomains for port 443. There is only one virtualhost entry for port 443 and it is for the main domain. I posted the httpd.conf details in another forum here.

I have few questions which are:

1. The httpd.conf does not have a NameVirtualHost entry, but we have the domain virtualhost configured as VirtualHost Do I need to add the NameVirtualHost entry for port 443?

2. Is my virtual host entry correct for the sub domain for port 443?

3. Do I need to add a <VirtualHost _default_:443> entry?

4. My first battle plan is to get the subdomains working over HTTPS. So I guess instead of putting it in some include file I will edit the httpd.conf file directly and put the virtualhost entry for the subdomain for port 443 there and test it.
Current battle plan to test the SSL for sub domains.
a. I will edit the httpd.conf and add the virtualhost entry for port 443 for the sub domain.
b. Restart apache and test if it restarted successfully
c. Test the sub domain over HTTPS.
d. If the sub domains are good over HTTPS move the virtualhost entry for the subdomain to ssl.conf localted in /usr/local/apache/conf

Is my battle plan correct? If the sub domain does work correctly over HTTPS which areas should I be looking into?

I really appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read this really long question. Thank you.