Wildcard Subdomains/DNS Records


Apr 21, 2005
Run a large forum site that is currently using vbulletin 3.8.4 and vbSeo

With the new version of Vbulletin 4.0 and the integration of a CMS the software has changed.

I currently have a 3rd party CMS in website.com (/home/user/public_html)
The forums reside at forums.website.com (/home/user/public_html/forums/) with a subdomain set up in cpanel.

I need to set a wildcard so that all 3 subdomains (www., forums., and blogs.) all point to the directory /home/user/public_html

Is this done through the Includes for EasyApache?

What happens to the prexisting subdomain setting of forums.website.com

If I delete the forums.website.com subdomain from within Cpanel.. with that remove the /home/user/public_html/forums directory as well (as well as all the files currently in it? ie. THAT WOULD BE BAD)

Any help would be appreciated it. Below you will find the conversation with the vbSeo support rep explaining what I needed to do in case I didn't state it well enough.

Yes you basically want

website.org - Free website hosting

all pointing to the same folder where you have vB installed then you will be ok, if your server setup allows it then just do this as a wildcard subdomain/DNS record [/code]