Wildcard Subdomains Pulling From Wrong VirtualHost

Jul 11, 2019
Providence, UT
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We have a client that has multiple domains on the same cPanel, with a dedicated IP address. Many of these domains have wildcard subdomains.

When attempting to access the wildcard subdomains, so accessing a subdomains that is not expressly specified, they all pull from the first VirtualHost for that dedicated IP address, rather than from the respective document root of the parent domain. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to make the wildcard subdomains pull from the document root of the respective parent domain, rather than the first VirtualHost entry for the IP?

Current Setup:
CentOS 6.10
cPanel/WHM: v80.0.20
EasyApache 4
Apache 2.4.39


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Nov 14, 2017
I can confirm as well, this is apache's standard behavior for connections where a VirtualHost isn't specified - it will use the first VirtualHost in the configuration that uses that IP address. Thanks @nixuser
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