Sep 3, 2010
I am looking for someone that can give me some pointers. I just both a VPS and I need some pointers on setting up WHM on it. I have 3 IP's and a domain for my VPS. I have been working with the VPS hosing tech support but I like to learn things myself. If you don't make mistakes then you are not learning.

This is my question. I go the Inital Setup Wizard when I visit my IP. I set up my NS to point to the 3 IP's that I have. When that is done. I then go the Basic cPanel/WHM Setup section. Now this is the part that I get lost at. In the Main Shared Virtual Host IP box is and IP that ends with .136. Now, the 3 IP's that I have all end with .85, .86, and .92. What should it be? Now, I leave the Main Shared Virtual Host IP set as the .136 IP then create an account for one of the domains that I own for testing. I change the NS on my registers site and then visit that site. All is good as it show the Default Web Page. When I visit mydomain.com:2082 to access the cPanel and log in it says Login Attemp Failed. I know the user name and password is right as I just set them up not even 5 mins ago. So if I go to ping mydomain.com it returns with the .136 IP. When I visit my server main IP at the .85 IP to log into cPanel. It works. Now is that something to do with the Main Shared Virtual Host IP set as .136 and not .85?