Oct 19, 2011
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Hello everyone.

One of the first 'internal' pages that we are tackling as part of the x4 facelift is the "Change Password" page. For those of you who may not be familiar, here is how the page currently appears.


Currently this page has a modal/ popup window for the 'generate password, along with directing users to a secondary page when they have successfully completed changing their password. By todays standards an overall poor experience.

Below are a series of wireframes for the new change password page behavior.

Step 1:

In Step 1 you will notice that the "Generate Password" button has moved from what is the standard users work flow. There will also be added functionality allowing the user to toggle on/off the password visibility helping to alleviate entering wrong passwords or unknown characters.


Step 2:

The "Generate Password" button will work just as it does now with one addition. By *clicking* "Generate Password, the New password field will by default switch to visible allowing the user to see the newly generated password in the new password field. In the current model, the 'generate password' button opens a modal/ pop-up window. The user is still required to check the box confirming that they have copied the password to a safe place before completing the change.


Step 3:

Step 3 shows off the much cleaner and simpler 'generate password options'. A slider allows users to easily set a desired password length, along with various Alpha Numeric options.


Step 4:

In step 4 we are correcting one of this biggest usability issues with the current change password page. Whenever a user does something warranting an error message, they don't receive that feedback until they have completed the form and hit the 'change password' button, and then they are taken to a secondary page. In x4 we are moving those error/ notices to the interface where they will do the most good for the user... where they are needed. To increase usability, we are also including no fewer than 3 indicators to ensure clear messaging.


This new 'Change Password' page will be the first application/ page you will see as part of the upcoming x4 project. If you have any comments or suggestions that could help make this little slice of cPanel work any better for you, now is a great time to let us know what you need.

More wireframes and discussion to come soon.
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Jan 8, 2011
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It would be great if you could recommend users in the Tips to use Keepass for example to save their "complex" and "automatically created" passwords securely without problem of forget them or maybe allow hosting companies/server admins to edit the "Tips" div. ;)


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Oct 23, 2009
That is a great idea.

Though we probably won't endorse a specific vendor, we can add text reflecting the idea of using a password management tool.


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Nov 9, 2011
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Re: x4 - Alpha 1.0 Release (ETA: End of Jan 2013)

any news about change password page? since i don't see it yet on live demo account :/ even 03-01-2013 has been.