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Nov 5, 2002
To configure your Apache Server inorder to try the WAP scenario
you must enable WAP Mime Types in Apache Web Server as described

1. Open the file C:\Program Files\Apache
Group\Apache\conf\httpd.conf into a text editor.

2. In the file httpd.conf, search for "AddType" and add the
following lines:

# for WML processing
AddType text/vnd.WAP.WML WML
AddType text/vnd.WAP.WMLscript WMLs
AddType image/vnd.WAP.WBMP WBMP
AddType application/vnd.WAP.WMLc WMLc
AddType application/vnd.WAP.WMLscriptc WMLsc

3. Save httpd.conf.
4. Stop and restart the Apache Web Server.

However the format for the httpd.conf will differ according to the
control panel used. For a cpanel server, you have to add the entry
in the AddType section of the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf
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