Wordpress Hosting (what configuration must be done)


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Apr 21, 2014
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Dear All,

We are a webhosting company with more than 300 wordpress website hosted in 3 servers

when we check some companies they propose wordpress hosting (a hosting plan optimized for wordpress)

we need to know what is this configuration knowing that we are running most of our server with

Centos 7 + Apache 2.4 + OPcache
The main server use CloudLinux + Apache 2.4 + OPcache

We are looking to propose a similar service for E-commerce clients where we need to optimize the server for Wordpress

What modules we need to use ? and which must be excluded ?
What MPM must we used?
What PHP Handler must be chosen ?
What is best Cache Practice must be done for Wordpress ?

Best regards
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Apr 12, 2018
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I don't think there is a general cache practice since WordPress are very customizable.
It is not the same to keep a cache for a static site than to save a cache for a blog that is updated daily
Personally I use PHP FastCGI and work for heavily loaded servers.


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Nov 14, 2017
I would personally look at mod_lsapi for the handler since you're using CloudLinux on some servers it comes with the full version, cPanel offers the lite version for non-cloudlinux servers. If you go that route you'd need to use Worker or Event MPM. CloudLinux has some information on it here: CloudLinux - Main | New template

We have some tutorials on WordPress Optimization but not server-specific:

As far as caching specific to wordpress I don't have a specific recommendation since it's pretty user/site specific. Modules would just depend on the modules necessary for WordPress to run, and whatever your sites need to function.