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Aug 9, 2006

Is there any way to create some sort of account creation template so that when an account is created I get a default wordpress website installed as well?

Is it possible to install wordpress from fantastico from command line? This way I could add a post account creation command.

Any ideas?

Please help


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Oct 29, 2009
You can try "WordPress Mass Management Tools"(I only tried one of its script wp-create.sh), but you need to input the account information before start and complete the setup after Wordpress is installed. If you know bash scripting, you can modify it to gather the information as soon as a cPanel account is created. If you want to automate the final step, you update the script to import a sample database after the Wordpress is installed. You can also update the database entries for each new blog too. I have tested this before and it worked.

scot hacker’s scripts and utils » WordPress Mass Management Tools

wp-create.sh: Super fast way to install WordPress for clients, via subversion. Performs the following tasks:

* Gather installation info
* Create install dir and check out a copy of WordPress
* Create database, db user, set db privs via external .sql file
* Create WP config file
* Create upload dir and set filesystem permissions
* Generate array line for wp-sites.sh

Final setup is done via browser.