WordPress Toolkit / LiteSpeed Web Server conflict


Jul 21, 2021
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Wanted to share this, get it out there in case anyone else runs into it - been pulling my hair out for 24 hours. So, we had a user who said that PHP changes made in MultiPHP INI Editor did not get picked up by WordPress.

Checked it out - sure enough, WordPress seemed to be reading the default server PHP values for things like execution time, upload limit, post max size etc. Pulling up phpinfo however showed that the values were correctly set.

Likewise, changing the PHP version in MultiPHP Manager had no effect - phpinfo reported PHP version 7.4, but WordPress still reported 7.3.

I tested switching back to Apache - everything showed up correctly in WordPress, switching back to LiteSpeed however showed the wrong values.

Had created a ticket to cPanel support - unfortunately in this case they were pretty stumped. Finally I noticed that LiteSpeed was parsing a WordPress Toolkit config file on startup... opened up the file and found a bunch of security fixes the user had applied in WPT.

Eventually, I discovered that the following security fix appears to render PHP configuration useless in cPanel when using LiteSpeed:

"Disable scripts concatenation for WordPress admin panel"

Reverting that made everything work as intended - hopefully I can save at least one person an annoying troubleshooting time with that :)


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I'm not sure this is the intended behavior we want, as we'd like to avoid hair pulling if possible on our end! Could you submit a ticket with this information so we can get that over to the WPT team if necessary?