Worth switching to Jetbackup?


Feb 13, 2020
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I see cPanel is pushing hard at Jetbackup so wondering if there are any people willing to share some experience in using Jetbackup? We've burnt our fingers with r1soft and don't want to run into the same mess (especially when paying for it).

Our biggest hurdle at the moment is the backup speed. Each cPanel server is about 1TB in size and our backup server (bless it's soul) is running backups 24/7 with approx 13 hours per backup. The biggest chunk of that time goes into deleting the retention backups. My understanding is that cPanel backups (incremental) uses softlinks which effectively means a full "copy" of the entire account as it was and if you have millions of softlinks that will demand some time to delete.

With Jetbackups they seem to use hardlinks which in my opinion means that they need to keep some kind of "database" of changed files on each server so that the backup process does not take forever. I also imagine some kind of a rolling feature that would combine incremental backups with the "master" once a specific timeframe has lapsed.

- Is Jetbackups incremental faster and less resource heavy?
- Does it create backups that can be imported to different servers (or to recover from in the event of a server crash)?

Looking forward to some honest feedback :)


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Nov 14, 2017

I can give you my opinion, that it is definitely a great backup product and worth getting if you have a large amount of data and you need more customization/configuration options than cPanel's automated backup implementation offers. They have a FAQ here: FAQ — JetBackup Documentation documentation

For splitting backups to different destinations, they can do this, it's detailed here: Create New Destination — JetBackup Documentation documentation

Really, their entire WHM User documentation is super helpful. I realize you may think my opinion biased though and of course, this will remain here for others to add their own thoughts/opinions on.
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