Wrong settings causing Mailman option failures?


Jun 24, 2003
Hi, we use ISP AccessGlobe.net who has cPanel and we use Mailman v2.0.13. Many of the privacy options just don't work -- such as:
-- Restrict posting privilege to list members?
-- Must posts have list named in destination (to, cc) field
-- Ceiling on acceptable number of recipients for a posting
-- Maximum length in Kb of a message body.

I've checked these forums at length and also www.list.org (Mailman's website) for answers to this and haven't seen anything written. I suspect from what I DO find is that there is some setting or script or file that is missing or incorrect, that is causing the SYMPTOM of these functions not working. If the basic Mailman v2.0.13 had these as "bugs", I'd be hearing more screaming about it; but I haven't heard (read) a word.

Of course the most important option is "Restrict posting privilege to list members." Anyone on the Internet can right now try to post on our email list (thank heavens for moderation!).

Does anyone have any ideas what could be set wrong that would cause this problem?


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