www.domain.com/webmail redirects to the wrong address


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Sep 17, 2004
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I have moved from one whm machine to a new one
all transfers went fine (I love the whm transfer process)

there is one issue that I hope someone can assist me with

across all of my domains now when trying to get to webmail via www.usersdomain.com/webmail it redirects them to http://wrong.address.net:2096

if users go straight to:
http://myserversip:2096 its fine

if they do:
www.usersdomain.com:2096 its fine

if they go to:
http://fqdn.ofmyserver.net:2096 it's also fine

if they go to:
http://webmail.usersdomain.com it's also fine

so the address with the issue (http://wrong.address.net:2096) is what I need to edit to become http://fqdn.ofmyserver.net:2096 or whatever so as I can get redirection via /webmail working

the http://wrong.address.net:2096 entry looks to be the original hostname of the machine I am renting from my datacentre. The brought up the machine , installed whm/cpanel, handed it over to me and I then added the new hostname etc through whm set up.

Can anyone tell me where I can edit/correct that redirecting reference to from www.usersdomain.com/webmail to http://wrong.address.net:2096