Dec 18, 2006
I've been having a major problem recently. My kung-fu master asked me to repair a few broken links on the webpage server of our kung fu school. So he gave me acc/pass. I went fixed the link with the inbuilt wysiwig html editor and saved the file. I checked the page and all the text had changed from greek characters to strange characters. By changing from unicode to greek encoding it would fix the problem but this is a very serious problem since the defaul is unicode.
So I had a backup on my pc, fixed it with dreamweaver loacly and uploaded it avoiding the wysiwig editor. This fixed the problems.

BUT the problem is now, everytime my master changes something on the webpage via this wysiwig editor all the links on the page change by adding the port in front of the link. So instead of /home.html the link links to :2083/home.html. this makes all the links unusable.
Does anyone know the cause of this and how it can be fixed?
The server program is cPanel X

Thanks in advance