WysiwygPro -file manager html editor upgrade?

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Nov 29, 2005

Are there plans to upgrade the WysiwygPro HTML editor built into cpanels File Manager to version 2.2.8?

Current version in new build of cpanel is 2.2.2 and there are some significant improvements in the new version (2.2.8)

Your consideration is appreciated

email from Chris the creator of the html editor:


The problem with the strange characters and black squares is the use of
curly quotes around words such as the word wealth on the parsons tale page.
Curly qoutes often occur when copying and pasting code from Microsoft Word.
Internet Explorer on windows displays these fine but many other browsers
(including whatever you are using) do not.
You should change these to straight quotes e.g. "wealth" instead of �wealth�
I think you may still be able to use curly quotes by re-inserting them using
WP's special characters button (the one that looks like a copyright)

I suspect that the reason they work before editing is that they are encoded
using “ , but after editing I suspect they are not. WP includes a PHP
function called fixcharacters that can be used to encode special characters
before saving the page. Cpanel may not be using this which is something to
ask Cpanel support I'm afraid.

The problem with the A characters appearing we fixed in an update some time
ago, your Cpanel install seems to be using version 2.2.3, we are up to
2.2.7, unfortunatly another issue for Cpanel.

I'm not sure what the problem with the Amarchi Ruth Film and Publishing
picture you sent me, I couldn't find that page on your site. There where
problems with the way WP handled tags in versions prior to 2.2.4 which
may be to blame here.



Oct 25, 2005
upgrade wysiwyg pro in cpanel


WYSIWYG PRO, is a valuable tool in the cpanel arsenal. Unfortunately, my clients are not able to use it successfully.

However, if the software were upgraded to the current version, WYSIWYG PRO would be a terrific advantage to my cost conscious clients and even a great selling point for my hosting clients.

A web based editor gives clients the opportunity to edit their web sites from an Internet connected browser, as opposed to being tied to a computer with software installed.

We have great need for the upgrade. We have seen the current version alter the background color of web sites, create strange characters and more.

Please give us hope that an upgrade is coming in the future.

All the best,

Jim Spencer


Jan 14, 2006
Vote now!

I don't know if we can campaign for votes, but - I am!

I ask you, reader, to consider voting to raise the priority of upgrading the WysiwygPro editor - a third party application and valuable piece of cPanel - from version 2.2.2 to 2.2.8. The current version is six updates old, spanning more than a year, while excellent new features have been added making it a very viable selling point to web hosting end users.


You will need to create a bugzilla login if you don't have one already. Just register, log in, then go back to this link to cast your vote. Thank you for your time!

(I'm Adam Ellsworth and I approve this message.)