X-PopBeforeSMTPSenders question


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Feb 15, 2002

as you know there is an option on WHM Tweak called

"Include a list of Pop before SMTP senders in the X-PopBeforeSMTP header when relaying mail. (exim 4.34-30+ required)"

I have selected it .

How does it work and what does it mean "when relaying mail" ?

I know that X-PopBeforeSMTP shows all pop3 accounts in the X-PopBeforeSMTP email header to permit to identify spammers. However I don't know exactly when it's showed !

Suppose my cpanel mailserver is mail.mydomain.com (smtp and pop)
On my thunderbird client I have set the email account [email protected]
using the pop3 mail.mydomain.com and smtp mail.mydomain.com .
When I send an email to [email protected] (for example) , the headers shows
the X-PopBeforeSMTP with all the pop3 accounts !

Why ? Am I relaying ?

I logged on [email protected] using mail.mydomain pop3 (username info+mydomain), and I sent using mail.mydomain smtp ....
For what reason the server is sending X-PopBeforeSMTP headers ? I am NOT relaying !

Anyone can explain me please ?

Thank you!


Aug 27, 2003
yes , that is very annnoiding. to me its not a right option. X-PopBeforeSMTP is old techniq and this option in WHM is hilarious.
better to put it off. there are more way to track and gun down spammer.