x skin migration wizard ?


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Feb 11, 2003
I take it some of you have done the x migration. What i was wondering is did it all work :) ??? and is there any problem just leaving the domains using the old skins like iconic ? (maybe they actually like the skin :) Also i have 3 xskins x,x2,xmail installed in cpanel themes and in the x skin migration wizard it says "migrate them to the x/xmail themes " which skin is it going to migrate them to ? x,x2 or xmail ? if i do click here will it then list a selection of the 3 to select ? Dont want to try this until i know it will work ok.


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Nov 22, 2002
I've been wondering about this too. A lot of our resellers have customized themes. Is it safe to upgrade using this if we have resellers of this type?

Because it'd be a nightmare if we did it and had to manually change all those domains back ;)


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