X3 is no more so need help in bulk Action


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Aug 23, 2015
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If you want to change all accounts theme then you can change into cPanel package or create new package with Lantern theme


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Sujoy Dhar,

The following command will assign the Paper Lantern theme to all of your accounts:

/scripts/modify_accounts --all-users --theme paper_lantern
In addition, you can use this command to make sure all the packages on the system use Paper Lantern:

/scripts/modify_packages --theme=paper_lantern --all-packages
Here's the relevant section from the cPanel version 60 release notes regarding the X3 theme:

The x3 theme no longer ships with cPanel & WHM
New installations of cPanel & WHM will no longer include the x3 theme for the cPanel interface. When you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 60 or higher on existing installations, we will not automatically remove the files for the x3 theme. However, we no longer support the x3 theme, and cannot guarantee that this theme will continue to function in future versions.

  • Interfaces in cPanel & WHM will not list the x3 theme in theme selection menus, regardless of whether the x3 theme's files exist on the server.
  • To ensure that new accounts do not use the deprecated and unsupported x3 theme, the RS setting now defaults to paper_lantern in the /etc/cpanel.config file.
Removed x3 theme-related interfaces
We have removed the following x3 theme-related interfaces and options from WHM:

  • WHM's x3 Branding interface (Home >> cPanel >> x3 Branding)
  • WHM's x3 Plugin File Generator interface (Home >> Development >> x3 Plugin File Generator)
  • WHM's Legacy Configure Customer Contact interface (Home >> Support >> Legacy Configure Customer Contact)
  • The x3 and x3mail options in the cPanel section of WHM's Theme Manager interface (Home >> Themes >> Theme Manager)
  • Certain x3-related options from WHM's Feature Manager interface (Home >> Packages >> Feature Manager)


    Legacy x3-related features may continue to display in this interface, some of which may display with the Legacy label.
Let us know if you have any additional questions.