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Oct 23, 2009
The x4 theme/plugin will be developed over the course of multiple releases.

Alpha Releases:

x4 with be in the Alpha stage for the first several release. We will be integrating various parts of the x3 functionality into x4. The functionality will be reworked to enable fluid layout on mobile browsers and some usability enhancements will be made as well. In some specific areas we may introduce major improvements to the workflow or functionality of the product. We will be actively soliciting input from our users about what we are working on and how we are changing parts of the product. These releases should not be used in production.

Beta Releases:

x4 will move from Alpha to Beta once we have moved most of the functionality from x3 into x4. The triggering event to move to the Beta stage is when a user no longer will need to fallback to x3 to perform some operations. At this time we will be taking feedback on what is in the product, making localized improvements; but will not be adding new functionality to the product. These releases should not be used in production. However, it would be great, if a very limited number of end users would like to try it out and provide feedback on bugs and other issues.

Release Candidate:

Once one of the Beta releases has been stable and we have worked out any bugs or other issues, a release will be promoted to Release Candidate. At this stage we will be looking for volunteers to move small groups of user onto x4 in production. We will be actively seeking feedback, particularly with regards to bug fixes and security issues and make targeted refinements from feedback received.

Final Release:

Once one of the Release Candidates has passed all the internal quality checks and is judged complete, we will be integrating the x4 theme back into the main product line and will discontinue the development of the x4 plugin. Servers with the plugin installed that are upgraded to the cPanel & WHM version with x4 integrated, will be upgraded to use the built-in x4 theme. During that update, the x4 plugin will be removed from these systems. Users that previously were assigned to x4 will now be using the final version of x4. Users that have the Try X4 feature, will continue to be able to switch between x4 and their previously assigned theme.
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Jan 19, 2014
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I'm confused about x4 in general - I see plenty of references to the new theme/plugin on the board here, but pretty much any link to externally (i.e. outside of the forum) has been taken down (e.g. the demo site).

What is the current status on x4?


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Mar 21, 2013
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Development on X4 has halted. Users can continue to use the X4 plugin if they like, however we will not be issuing new updates to it or performing maintenance on it.

HOWEVER, in the 11.42 release (which is being vetted as we speak for release very soon), theme development has been moved inside the mainline and will be released regularly with the rest of the codebase. Paper Lantern, as the new theme is called, represents the application of many of the lessons learned from X4 development directly to a theme built into the product. You can see the bleeding-edge of this effort at

You can find out more by visiting:
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