Jul 4, 2013
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We have created an ecommerce portal using Xcart. We are using the cpanel tool to manage files. Our question is we are planning to outsource the web maintenance to a company. Now, the developers will require cpanel to update
patches or do minor tweaks with code when required.

Is there a way where we can add a security layer so that the developers are not able to access the core files? This is just to ensure that our data is secure.

We are looking for someone to help us on this.


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Apr 27, 2006
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If I understand correctly you're wanting restricted sub logins for cPanel only giving access to certain functions? this isn't currently possible. There was quite a long feature request thread for this on here which has become

Multiple cPanel Logins (cPanel Subusers) | cPanel Feature Requests

You can create sub-users for FTP for file access and restrict these to certain directories, however please note that SFTP is only available for the main cPanel login. You can do the same with webdav (webdisk).