Yahoo / Hotmail sending mail to bulk / spam folder


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Jun 9, 2007
Hi, this question might have been answered in these forums, but i have searched and searched to find answers on this matter, but its very hard to find someone else having this exact issue

I started with cpanel as my hosting interface, then switched to plesk, then realized i should have never strayed away from cpanel to begin with :eek:

Since i have switched back from plesk to cpanel, all my mail i send out to yahoo or hotmail users automatically gets sent to the bulk / spam folder.

My same domain was fine before with plesk and my other hosting company, but for some reason its being rejected by yahoo and hotmail, but not by gmail.

My domain is not in any spam lists, and i have checked my domain over and over, it is clean from any blacklists, i even have setup a spf. My domain is registered with and, and the weird thing is, its not only my domain, its all the domains on my server, all 10 of them.

I am only asking here in these forums because you guys seem to know more then any other community or support group, and i am sure someone will be kind enough to help me here. Thank you very much in advance. - Sean