You can't change email passwords for add-on domains


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Jul 4, 2002
Atlanta, GA
Since we've been chatting so much about email-related issues, I thought I'd share an issue I've had open for about 2 months. I've discovered that a user cannot change their email password if they are part of an add-on domain. A HUGE issue for many of us. I get complaints on a daily basis.

I've even figured out why and sent the info to DarkORB so that they can fix it, but to date I've heard nothing. It's even a rather simple fix.

I've seen a lot of people complaining about lack of support lately and now I am feeling the same way. Between this issue and the statscheck issue, I'm getting severely burned out. I'm beginning to wonder if I should start looking at something like DSM as a WHM/CP alternative.

I'm all for DarkORB working on WHM/CP 6, but when there are outstanding issues impacting multiple customers, you should address those first.



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Sep 10, 2002
Ability to change password on Add-on Domains

Hi there,

We had the same problem, until we decided to go and investigated why this is not possible.

I'm happy to tell to you we have modified a file to make this possible. This is an UNOFFICIAL fix, I'm not sure if CPanel would like to use it but you can use it if you want, I'm sure it won't create any harm.

Please replace "dowebmailpasswd.cgi" on /usr/local/cpanel/base with the file attached to this message (zipped).

Warmest Regards,